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CCIF Report 2019 is now available in English

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France is a human rights organisation created in 2000, whose mission is to combat Islamophobia.

Although the Collective Against Islamophobia in France built expertise to address questions linked to Islamophobia, it condemns and fights against all forms of racism. Our values are strong, clear and unequivocal. We lead our own fights, tell our own stories and act to promote our rights.

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Paradoxically, Islamophobes’ biggest concern is the fact that Muslims are integrated in the society. French Muslims go to school, graduate, engage in different activities… while expressing their religious belief. They are visible as both citizens and Muslims. They demonstrate everyday the complete compatibility between their religion and the Republic, thus challenging Islamophobes’ beliefs who assume the role of the one knower and only defendants of the Republic. Muslims have rights, they know it and they claim them.

In this 2019 Report, The CCIF emphasizes new tendencies, in particular pertaining to topics such as the insertion of the neutrality principle in company rules and regulations for positions that are in contact with customers which is just another spurious excuse to discriminate women all the more.

We also observed a notable increase in the number of Fiche S (state security cards). The effectiveness of it however must imperatively be questioned as proved by the seemingly failed attempts to prevent terrorist attacks. We notice that very often note blanche (documents issued from intelligence services that possess no date, no signature, no header and nor any identifiable author) refer, in their essence, to the 5 pillars of Islam. Nowadays, behaviors are under suspicion, not the deeds themselves.

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