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Mont Blanc: 6 portraits, one project, one challenge, one fight!

Since 2003, CCIF has struggled against violence and discrimination toward an increasing number of citizens, because of their true or supposed allegeance to Islam.

During this decate of fighting against islamophobia, our legal department has defended thousands of victims.

A daily work of listening, councelling, supporting, in the name of justice and equality.

But the Collective against islamophobia in France is also made by more than 1000 members and almost 20 regional offices. It is also numerous volunteers that lead everyday this powerful struggle against islamophobia, being both committed and supportive to denounce islamophobia, as our 6 adventurers that are about to climb the Mont Blanc this Monday 26 of August 2013.


Ccif climbing the Mont Blanc to stop islamophobia

Who are the 6 adventurers ?

Nadir Dendoune, a journalist and a writer, is the author of « Opened letter to a immigrant’s son », « A slacker on the top of the world », and of « War diary of a pacifist » in which he tells us how he became a human shield in Bagdad in 2003 to express his radical opposition to the war in Iraq.

Later in 2013, while he was doing journalistic reports in Iraq for « Le Monde Diplomatique » and « Le Courrier de l’Atlas », he got arrested and jailed. He was released on February 14 2013, after 23 days of arbitrary detention.

But Nadir is also familiar with montains and extreme conditions since he climbed on Mount Everest on May 2008.

Marwan Muhammad is an author, trained as an engineer in financial mathematics. He worked in finance for 5 years before quitting this world of banks and getting committed in the field of social science and fight against racism.

In 2009, he published his first book « FoulExpress: Small treaty to deconstruct the system », a very critical book about the financial system and the North-South relationship. He founded in 2010 an organisazion, together with a few of his readers, to propose a circle of thinking on education matters, environmental issues, economy and racism. In 2010, he also joined the Collective against islamophobia in France (CCIF) and became its spokesman.

Nadhir Okba is a reporter. His skills should give us beautiful images of this adventure on the Mont Blanc.

Kader Lakhal is a sports instructor as well as a top athlete.

In 2010, he won, in his category, the world champion title of  Bresilian Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, he won numerous national and international titles. He also became Ambassador of this sport in France and the organizer of the Jiu Jitsu competition in France: the “Spirit” Challenge.

For this Mont Blanc challenge, he had the responsibility to physically and mentally train the participants.

Nabil Djedjik is a CEO, managing a food distribution company  and four restaurants including the Alambra, famous caterer-restaurant that proposes a traditional french, indian and italian cuisine, 100% halal. A true success-story that allows him today to employ 50 people.

Fahim Mehadjri is an activist who regularly participates in various sporting events.

He organises long biking journeys and adventures rally in Annecy (2009/2010/2011). His taste for physical effort led him on many races, including the semi marathon of Djerba (2008), the famous Sand Marathon in 2012 (more than 250 km in the morrocan Sahara desert) known as the most difficult race in the world. He also participated in the SaintéLyon legendary race (70km), by night and in extreme conditions.

What is the aim?

First of all, this climbing is symbolical. It is about carring a noble cause and excelling for it.

It represents both the past 10 years of fighting against islamophobia and CCIF determination to lead numerous struggles to come.

Islamophobia is indeed a montain of hartred and intolerance, made of amalgams and prejudices toward the Muslim community.

By climbing the Mont Blanc, we want to defy difficulties that come with such an adventure and reach the top of the Montain which symbolises freedom. It is on the top of Europe that we will broadcast a message of tolerance to all European citizens who witness every day more and more ideas of hartred and reject from extreme right parties, denying the true values of their Continent.

It will be a communication at the level of severity of this phenomenon, to generate awareness on this circle of violence toward fellow Muslim citizens, from France and Europe.

The preparation

This project took nearly a year of planning and preparation. This time has been essential for our 6 participants who got to know each other. They also learned the rules of team work in order to meet the challenge and reach their objectives.

Like at CCIF, they will apply – at 4807 meters – the same rules of unity, endurance, discipline and sincerity in the action.

This project is entirely financed by our sponsor “Arabi” and by the participants themselves.

From the beginning of the ascension to the deployement of the banner on the top of the Mont Blanc, we will share with you their progression, their impression, but also images and videos via our website and social networks.

French version here


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