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Violence in France

The islamophobic wave is increasing.

CCIF has been refered a case by Hajar, a young lady victim of a strong-arm identity checking by national police in Trappes (Yvelines). During this identity checking, her husband has been abused and put into custody because he dared to protest against the violent and provocative behaviour of the police agents.

Here is her story:

I am refering to you because I suffered from a police abuse. They wanted to control me because I wear the full-veil. As usual, I complied to this identity checking. I was about to lift my veil when I saw police agents violently pushing my mother.

I told the other agents to take a look of what their colleagues were doing, that it was unacceptable, that they shouldn’t touch my mother who had nothing to do with this control. One of the agents got suddently very angry against my husband just because he said (concerning my mum): “ Don’t touch her! Why do you touch her knowing she has nothing to do with this control?”

The policeman then replied to my husband, in a very aggressiv and scornful way:“What are you gonna do?” I intervened between them in order to prevent things from becoming ugly.

Once the policeman was done with my mother, he came to me and made big gestures in front of my face while speeking very rudely. Threatened, I asked him to be quiet.

Then he grabbed me by the head of my veil and dragged me with a dreadful strengh to press me on the hood of the car, while yelling: “You’re talking to me?? You’re talking to me??”

I turned and I saw my husband hold on the ground by two policemen who were putting him the handcuffs.

Once in the police car, they yelled at us like we were animals. They threatened my husband: “What are you gonna do now, uh! Bastard!” with their clenched fists, molesting him in the car.

Once we arrived at the police station, people called me “ a ghost” (because of the full-veil), I kept asking God for help against this violence.

As a result of these acts, the victim’s husband has been put into custody and will be heard by a judge this Saturday.

People who went to the police station, like the Imam of the local mosque who tried to appease the situation, have been unceremoniously expelled from the station. A young man seemed to have been injured by a flashball shoot.

We ask the police forces to fulfill their mission to protect the population, without intimidation or provocation.

We also challenge the Minister of Interior Manuel Valls, who expressed two days ago his “affection” to the Muslim community, but who is still incapable to put a stop to this islamophobic wave that has hitten France for many months now. Not a week without another victim of islamophobia!

We also launch a call for witness: If you witnessed violent scenes or if you have any information (videos, statements…) that would highlight the responsibility in this case, please contact us at contact@islamophobie.net. It is very important that perpetretors do not go unpunished and that the victim does not, once again, turn into the culprit.

Read french version here

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Salam alikoum.

Au vu du climat islamophobe qui règne en France en ce moment , cela ne m’étonne même pas……..

Qu’Allah facilite à la soeur et son mari.

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