02 Jul: The CCIF Report On Islamophobia in France Six Months After The January 2015 Terrorist Attacks

The January attacks have deeply wounded France and marked a turning point in its history.

Attacked from the inside by its own children, the nation sought to gather around common values and the same “spirit”: living together.

Unfortunately this spirit that we also called “the January11  Spirit” has not been as inclusive as it aspired and citizens adhering to the Muslim Faith have paid a heavy price.


26 Jun: Known For His Racist Comments on Minorities, M. Sifaoui Is Offered A Platform by the Government

“With French language, one has access to Enlightenment, with Arabic one has access to obscurantism, mostly islamist”1

The CCIF is surprised by the platform offered to Mr. Mohammed Sifaoui during a debate organized by the DILCRA (Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Fight Against Racism and Anti-Semitism) on the topic of hate speeches on the the internet, whereas the same individual is well known for having made a career on hate speeches and heating clashes between communities.


27 Feb: Stigmatization of veiled-women in Europe

Photo: T.Portier

CEJI: “Obsession with headscarf works negatively on the integration of Muslim women”

CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe is deeply troubled by escalating racism and racial tensions in Belgium, highlighted in reports issued this week by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) (1) and by the Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism submitted to the United Nations Committee on Racial Discrimination (CERD) (2).


04 Nov: The first application to fight racism and islamophobia

26 Aug: Mont Blanc: 6 portraits, one project, one challenge, one fight!

Since 2003, CCIF has struggled against violence and discrimination toward an increasing number of citizens, because of their true or supposed allegeance to Islam.

During this decate of fighting against islamophobia, our legal department has defended thousands of victims.

A daily work of listening, councelling, supporting, in the name of justice and equality.

20 Jul: Islamophobic wave in France

Paris, July 20th 2013

Serial islamophobic aggressions: the involvement of Police forces in Trappes (Yvelines)

For several weeks now, violence toward french Muslim women is increasing in a very serious way. On Friday 19th of July, CCIF (Collective against islamophobia in France) has been refered a case by Hajar, a young lady victim of a strong-arm identity checking.

20 Jul: Violence in France

The islamophobic wave is increasing.

CCIF has been refered a case by Hajar, a young lady victim of a strong-arm identity checking by national police in Trappes (Yvelines). During this identity checking, her husband has been abused and put into custody because he dared to protest against the violent and provocative behaviour of the police agents.

Here is her story: