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Worshippers from the Grand Mosque of Reims Threatened by a Man Carrying Fake Gun


On this Tuesday, 4thof June, following the celebration of the end of Ramadan (Eid El-Fitr), a man in his seventies threatened (with a bb gun that shoots plastic bullets) several individuals that were getting out of the Sainte-Anne Mosque located in Reims, which caused panic and the immediate setting up of a special safety plan.

The scene was partially recorded by a witness whom explained that the armed man was already behaving in a bizarre way already prior to the Eid prayer. “He blocked parking spots with orange cones to keep people from attending the collecting prayer”, testifies Mohamed Tamini, owner of the video.

[“This morning at the Saint-Anne mosque in Reims, an armed guy in front of the mosque, thank god no one was harmed”]

The suspect who lives close by the Mosque of Saint-Anne pointed a fake gun at a group of worshippers that were leaving the location, while displaying a very strange behaviour according to the several testimonies gathered by France 3 Grand Est. The president of the mosque association stated that: “this is an instance proving us that we have to remain on alert”. The author of this act who, according to the weekly newspaper “L’Obs”, was “unstable”, has been apprehended.  We’re waiting for the end of the investigation to understand his motives.

We want to remind mosque leaders that it is possible to put in effect a security system for places of worship.

For many years, the CCIF warned about the threats that affect certain Muslim sites such as occurrences where pig heads are being hung at Mosques’ doors, islamophobic tags, and desecration against Muslim cemeteries.  It is getting far more pressing to take these threats seriously (credit goes to the Police of Reims for reacting quickly and taking rapid action by sending the hundreds of worshippers inside the Mosque and confining them for their safety during half an hour), and more importantly to work together on pacification as to avoid the irreparable (like what happened in Great-Britain, Quebec or New Zealand).

We will keep insisting on the fact that due to the way Muslim people are presented in some media outlet, plus the polarization of the political sphere on questions surrounding Islam, it only serves without any doubt, to instigate hate towards Muslims and all things that could represent them in society.

It is time for those (like “The Great Replacement” movement) promoting rejection to stop extolling abhorrent ideologies, harbouring feelings of animosity and to start realizing the real impact of their horrendous speeches on these aforementioned “unstable individuals”. It is this speech that constitutes one of the biggest threat, and this one isn’t fictional.

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