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The CCIF releases its 2016 report on islamophobia in France

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) releases its yearly report with alarming figures.

The full report is available here

To be remembered:

In 2015, the CCIF received 2536 solicitations leading to the recording of 905 Islamophobic acts, an increase of 18.5% in comparison to 2014.

65% of Islamophobic acts are discrimination, 64% of which were committed by public institutions. These figures highlight the structural nature of islamophobia in France. 

Our 2015 figures have been recorded in the context of two terrorist attacks that targeted France in January and November.

The CCIF has witnesed a sharp rise in discrimination at schools with 177 acts recorded, particularly following the attacks in January, a period during which several children were targeted.

For the first time since the start of CCIF records, physical assaults have outnumbered verbal attacks, amounting to a total of 55 and 42 respectively.

Women represent the overwhelming majority of the victims: 82% of the total.

By December 31st, 2015, the CCIF had 225 cases related to the state of emergency.

The abuses under the state of emergency have arisen from the first week of its introduction. The weakening of the French justice system in favor of the police has made it possible for arbitrary decisions to be taken on the sole basis of unsigned and non dated “white notes” drafted by intelligence officers. The content of such “white notes” does ot require any proofs to support the allegations being made. Prefects, whom have direct oversight over the policy have relentlessly ordered house searches without handing any document to residents. Judges do not have the capacity to control these decisions or to challenge them. Hundreds of brutal house searches have been conducted and people have been put under house arrest under vague accusations of radicalisation, travel abroad, suspicious behaviour and denounciation.

As of February 10th 2016, 3336 house searches have been conducted throughout France and only 5 of them lead to a terror related investigation. At the same time, the CCIF is dealing with over 300 cases related to the abuses of the state of emergency. So far 12 house arrests have been uplifted, several of which within hours before an appeal before the Council of the State (the highest adminstrative authority).

According to the Human Rights Commissionner Mr Jacques Toubon, no precautions were taken to ensure the protection of children. They have been exposed to the brutal searches, humiliation of their parents and witnessing their homes ransacked by heavily armed police squads. For the most sensitive children there are two major risks, namely the risk of trauma or temptation to seek revenge. Nobody knows what is going to happen to these children when they grow up.

The CCIF has drafted a list of recommendations for the government and the media.

Media contact: Yasser Louati, Spokesperson (@yasserlouati)


The CCIF receives no subsidies and it is only through your support that victims can be helped.

To donate: http://ccif.me/ensemblePlusForts To join: http://www.islamophobie.net/adherez

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