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The Primark islamophobic policy : They prevent employees from entering in the store with their veil

Hired 4 months ago on a permanent contract, an employee used to come to work with her Muslim veil without any problems. She would come into the store, veiled, then uncover herself in the changing room, before starting her work day. But, for few months now, it has been demanded of her to take her veil off at the store entrance, injunction she refused to submit herself to.

What are the reasons for that change? The discriminated employee noticed that the difficulties related to the veil have appeared since the French team has taken over the store, previously managed by a foreign team. Is islamophobia becoming a French specificity ?

It is not the first time that Primark makes itself known for islamophobic-related issues. According to our figures, it is indeed the only brand in France to refuse clients wearing the niqab. Two women already contacted us about this at the beginning of August. They had been refused access to a Primark store on the pretence that their outfit was not in accordance with the « institution charter». For one of them, the manager had then required a police intervention for an identity check, which took place without further incident.

In spite of their compliance, the store manager refused to let the women wearing niqab go to the checkout.

Therefore, it can be concluded that his behaviour towards them had nothing to do with security measures indeed. In the end, the manager asked the police to discreetly take the clients out of the store. That concern about discretion had for sole purpose to not offend other customers, predominantly Muslim, who ignored that Primark forbid the niqab.

The Primark French direction had better review its corporate policy if they do not want to lose clients. Let us kindly remind them that private businesses do not evade the law which guarantees religious freedom of all employees, and that this kind of abuse is intolerable.

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