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Is the police responsible?

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Monday 26 of August, around 7 pm, Aissatou N. threw herself out the window from the 4th floor of her family’s appartment. She is currently hospitalized in the parisian region. Fortunately, and despite of what a few media reported, the vital prognosis is not engaged.

By her own testimony, confirmed by her relatives, Aissatou has been pressured by police officers. The police would (“regularly”) have convened her to the police station about her case, calling her directly on her cell phone. She would have also been called a “liar”, and her version of the agression would have been, many times, vividly questionned.

The police also convened her underage close friends directly on their cell phones, asking them to go to Versailles to be heard.

CCIF is questionning the methods used by the Police and is asking for an investigation to determine their possible responsibility in this tragic event.

Is it the difficult situation of a victim of an aggression and the pressure that this young lady has suffered – while she needed psychological help and support – that led her to this desperate gesture?

CCIF supports her as well as her family and we hope she will get well very soon. We insure Aissatou and her family of our full support and we will stay close to them to help shedding light on what could be a case in the case.

We will obviously keep you posted on this matter.

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Of course they are !
May Allah help her in this proof
Wa ahleikoum el salem

Le CCIF peut-il saisir l’IGPN ou accompagner la victime dans cette démarche ?

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