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Press Conference: Class Action Against France’s Minister for Women’s Rights

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France held its press conference to present its class action against the Minister for women’s rights (Laurence Rossignol) who compared veiled Muslim women to “American Negroes whom were in favour of slavery”.

This is the latest update:

  •   More than 400 plaintiffs have joined the class action. The list is being updated on a daily basis. The class action is by nature international and if you have been appalled and insulted by the Minister’s statement and want to put an end to the explosion racist discourse, you can still file a complaint and the CCIF will help you do so. You can reach us here: contact@islamophobie.net.  
  •     The CCIF, with the assistance of the Frantz Fanon Foundation and all individuals who have expressed their desire to do so, will file the complaint with the Republic of the Court of Justice for “racial public insult ».
  •     A second complaint will be filed against the Minister before the Criminal Court for racial public insults. Individuals who have expressed interest will be associated with this procedure.
  •     The Minister having voiced her opinion as a state representative to stigmatize the black and Muslim population, we will also engage the responsibility of the State in the Paris Administrative Court. Needless to say that public office holders’ inflammatory statements have a significant impact on public opinion and contribute to hostility towards minorities. In 2015, 81,5% of the victims of Islamophobic attacks were women.    
  •     Enough with islamophobia and all forms of racist discourse. It is more than time for governments to stop distracting public opinion with inflammatory rhetoric in order to avoid answering for their socioeconomic failures.

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