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Islamophobic wave in France

Paris, July 20th 2013

Serial islamophobic aggressions: the involvement of Police forces in Trappes (Yvelines)

For several weeks now, violence toward french Muslim women is increasing in a very serious way. On Friday 19th of July, CCIF (Collective against islamophobia in France) has been refered a case by Hajar, a young lady victim of a strong-arm identity checking.

During this identity check by the police, her husband has been abused and put into custody because he dared to protest against the violent and provocative behaviour of the police agents.
He will be heard by a judge today, Saturday 20th.

Like in other cases, the role of the police is questionned but Police Unions have rushed to make statements to exempt their colleagues of any responsability. And yet, there has been so far no investigation.

CCIF once again deplores the mass media covering of this case that, as in other cases, put the words of Police Unions above all suspicion, without even checking the facts. Once again, the  Muslim protagonists are immediately suspected.
Mulims are systematically assumed guilty.

As in other recent cases, victims undergo a double injury: the physical and verbal violence and the systematic change status, from victim to culprit.
In France, racism and islamophobia are now cleary institutionalized and legitimized.
On this identity checking that turned ugly, several witnesses are reporting the use of physical abuse from the police toward someone who was actually cooperating. (Hajar indeed complied to the control)

Now, what alternative do those citizens have as they are daily blacklisted and victims of contempt and hartred from the police agents, who are supposed to neutrally enforce the law and protect the population ?
Which channels to express their discontent and their revolt toward this lack of justice ?

In Trappes, this strong feeling of injustice turned into a protest with its share of incidents from which we won’t consider the true reason: a protest against police abuse suffered by Hajar, her husband and her mother.

Manuel Valls, Minister of Interior, has declared a few days ago his fully « affection » toward french Muslim citizens. It is now time for him to take concrete action to put a stop to this islamophobic wave in our country.
Police forces must protect and serve their citizens, in a spirit of respect and neutrality.
CCIF strongly calls them to faithfully fulfill their mission.

Appeasement and security can only be restored when a relationship of trust and mutual respect is established. And when concrete actions from the governement are taken to once and for all prove that Muslims are not second-class citizens and that the respect of their fundamental rights is not negociable.

Press contact : Babacar SENE – +33 6 16 03 76 23 – presse@islamophobie.net

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