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Warning: Islamophobia kills!

It was with horror and dismay that CCIF learned the death Monday 17th june of the unborn child of the young pregrant woman who was violently assaulted last thrusday.

We are all saddened by this news and we share the grief of the family.  We express our deepest condolences and solidarity to this bruised family.

This tragedy provoked both pain and anger… a child has died  before he was born. And His disappearance has affected His family but also our entire society.

How many victims do there have to be ? How many lives will have to be destroyed ? How many families will be broken ?

We have reached the point of no return. Our country is sick because the rules for living together have been mistreated for too long which let the most violent form of islamophobia run.

Beyong these unspeakable acts, we condemn the manner in which the case was dealt with by the police, political leaders and media.

Indeed, the media barely relayed these violences,  in addressing most often the conditional, in questionning continualy the declaration of the victime. The victime become suspect.

Regarding the investigation it remains at the standstill, allowing the feeling of injustice raising… It is now obvious that the police did not realised the climate of insecurity in Argenteuil and in our entire society. Despite the duplication of the acts of violence that have occured in the past few weeks.

Too busy to control women wearing the full veil,  providing safety and keeping the peace is no more achieved by the police. These controls are excessive and done in an abusive manner,  causing tensions and conflicts.

That’s why CCIF strongly calls for mobilization of all citizens to expect to the Minister of Interior that everything possible would be done to bring the perpetrators to justice, to be judged and sentenced.

We also expect that M.Valls indicates the measures he intends to implement in order to stop the rise of islamophobia.

The whole political class has to unanimously condemn all form of violence in a spirit of fraternity and right equality.

To encourage them to fulfil that very important task, we urge all our members, supporters and every fair-minded person to catch the attention of community representatives.

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