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Saint Gratien, France : an explanation of the text to the thugs of the Republic

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Indeed, the Court had ordered the municipality to make available to the Association of Muslims of Saint Gratien (AFMSG) in the usual room rate conditions so that the Muslims of the city can meet every Friday and Saturday until the end of August or once a week! But this was not afraid to circumvent the injunction imposed on him by the Judge indicating those responsible for the association that their request was not made to the usual conditions of hiring halls.

Given the refusal of the mayor to apply the court order, the AFMSG had no choice but to ask  the Administrative Court to impose her, in addition to the injunction issued on August 8, a penalty: an obligation to pay a sum of money for breaching the court order (1000 euros per day of delay of attribution of a room).

The AFMSG has produced more evidence that community halls were very accessible. The municipality, meanwhile, could not present any official note to justify the closures.

This decision is a lesson to all offenders of the Republic including islamophobic people and elected officials who use their status to prevent citizens to live their faith in peace. Even those who are quick to give lessons of patriotism and loyalty to the principle of secularism to Muslims, they themselves pay little attention when this principle violates their sclerotic vision of the society.

The AFMSG who asked for advices from CCIF in this case, informed us that the mayor had appealed to the State Council while giving its citizens a place for Fridays 19 and 26 August.

How, after claiming to defend the Tibetan cause, this mayor could be as dull and intolerant with a part of its citizens who only want to practice their religion? Will her political party, the UMP, remain silent about an elected official, who in addition to giving a poor image of the party violated a fundamental principle of our Republic?

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